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Uganda Youth Football Association-UYFA is an umbrella youth football groups/academies in the Country. 

UYFA was formed on 31st  May,2008 after the Federation of Uganda Youth Football Associations-FUFA putting up a five man constitution draft committee to come up with the youth football guiding document that shall regulate their activities throughout the country. 

After the draft was made, all the stake holders were invited by the Federation  on to ratify the draft into a constitution and  on 31st May, 2008 the youth groups/academies elected their national association executive committee that comprises the following, 

    1. Mr. Katamba Musoke Eugine  - Chairman Tel: +256 752515609

    2. Mr. Masiko John Bosco         - Vice Chairman

    3. Mr. Ssemugenyi Abdu Sulaiman- Secretary General [Journalist and commissioner for Sports, Ministry of Education and sports-Buganda Kingdom] Tel: +256 712873756,702483756

    4. Mr. Kazibwe Magellan-Treasurer[ Lawyer with Kidhu and Company Advocates] Tel +256772492177.

    5. Mr. Mugabi Martin- Marketing Secretary

    6. Mr. Kibirango Moses-Publicity Secretary

    7. Mr. Kintu Paddy- Technical Secretary 

The Committee members are regional representatives: 

1. Haji Ssemanda Ahmada     - Central region

2. Mr. Sande Male                  -Central region

3. Mr.  Rwaboni Elijah              -Western region

4. Mr. Gama Henry                 -Western region

5. Mr. Lia Michael                  - Northern region

6. Mr. Bineen Ben                  -Northern region

7. Mr. Wanyama Freddie        -Eastern region

8. Mr. Bawutu Umar               -Eastern region 

Currently UYFA has more than seventy registered football youth groups/academies and we hope to have more as most of them are still putting their profiles and documents to order as required by UYFA and FUFA. 


    1. UYFA organize youth football activities right from village, regional and national level respectively.

    2. HIV/AIDS awareness through seminars and workshops

    3. Cultural integration by participating in cultural galas and festivals especially the groups/academies that practice other sports disciplines.

    4. Promotion of children's education through school bursaries for needy and disadvantaged. 


i] Supremacy: The youth constitution is the supreme law of the Association and shall be binding on all bodies, organs,academies,regulations,standing orders and instruments of the association.

ii] To draw up regulation, provisions and enforce them

iii]To organize, host competitions for all youth football category groups in conjunction with the Federation of Uganda Football Associations-FUFA for their smooth running and organization.

iv]To protect the interest of all youth football groups.

v] Control and supervise the organized football matches at all levels.

vi] Control and prevent all forms of practices which may lead to havoc and abuse of the association and the Federation.

Vii] Carry out public Health awareness by organizing health workshops and seminars during especially during the school holidays.

Viii] Work hand in hand with parents and schools in facilitating children to learn [by getting school bursaries].

ix] Create the environment of togetherness, friendship, forgiveness, solidarity , fair play and cooperation in all activities in the association's leadership and the youth in general.

x] Organise coaching, referees and administration courses for youth football development. 

Motives of the Association. 

UYFA is primarily and strategically guided by two major motives and these include, 

    1. Social responsibility

    2. Commercial Sports Business. 

1. Socially: 

    1. Talented identification, promotion and development.

    2. Create mutual understanding between all the youth football groups/academies throughout the country by forming up  soccer leagues and competitions.

    3. Create public awareness  of human rights and civic responsibilities through seminars, workshops and conferences plus publications.

    4. Keep the children/players busy during school holidays in order to avoid children to learn bad manners and being in bad groups when they are not with their parents/guardians.

    5. Reduce drug addicts especially talented street boys and girls.

    6. Remove talented children from street to productive and active football environment to have future responsible citizens.

    7. Offer school bursaries to them through contacting friendly schools and institutions. 

2. Commercially: 

    1. Talent promotion and development by identifying, grooming, selling or buying football talents, skills and expertise.

    2. Commercial advertising to generate revenue fir the association and groups/academies through selling advertising space on groups'/academies' uniforms/materials, events and competitions. 


   Socially, UYFA  has managed to help football groups/academies registered with the Federation   of Uganda Football Association under it and now are known. 

Through UYFA football youth groups/academies have helped to secure school bursaries for some of their respective needy and disadvantaged players from various schools and institutions. 


             We have achieved through the following ways: 

    1. Organised a three month under 17 regional football tournament that attracted fifty participating groups/academies and one youth team from Kenya by the name of PAKO youth football club that participated in the 16th August,2008 UYFA football activity launch at Old Kampala Secondary School ground which were presided over by Mr. Mugisha Jastus Vice President-Youth, Federation of Uganda Football Associations-FUFA.

    2. Organised U-13 & U-15 holiday youth tournaments from 27th December,2008-8th January,2009 that were supervised by Union of Uganda Junior Football Clubs-UJUFOC at Uganda Clays ground-Kajjansi, Kampala Junior Football Association-KAJUFA at  Gayaza Kasangati, Wakiso Youth Football Association that held at Wampeewo church of Uganda secondary school ground respectively and all supervised and monitored by FUFA Technical Director Mr. Edgar Watson and all attracted 66 groups/academies.

    3. A member group was sent to Amathole Youth Academy for a week long exchange program with thirty five players, two officials and two parents respectively. 

             Commercial Sports Business:

             .Promotion of Talent. 

In October , 2008, UYFA and Academy for Sports Excellency-ASPIRE of Qatar and Football Dreams of Nairobi Kenya conducted a three day joint soccer clinics in ten centres throughout the country and they included, 

          1. Aga Khan primary School

          2. Makindye Primary School

          3. Berkeley High School Namasuba

          4. Luzira Prisons

          5. Kamwokya Kira police ground

          6. Entebbe Works ground

          7. Jinja primary School

          8. Gayaza Church of Uganda

          9. Kawempe Muslim School

          10.Lubaga centre.

All these were conducted jointly with a Barcelona Football Club scout Mr. Joseph Kolmer and the exercise attracted seven hundred sixty players from 13 years to 18 years old who went through football drills and trials and only 13 performed to his expectations and were invited to Nairobi four days East African football trials. 

Among the fifty players from East Africa, three past the trials and one Ugandan by the name of Ssekazza Ivan went to a one month trials in Qatar and is joining an Omanian football club for professional ranks. 

Also nine youth groups/academy coaches benefited from the Aspire -Nairobi coaching course and this is to be an annual programme. 

In October UYFA recommended twelve Ugandans to participate in a two weeks Generations for Peace seminar in Aman Jordan a conflict resolving through youth football initiative by Prince Abdullah of Jordan and attracted even more than two hundred European professional players. 

UYFA has been invited to participate in Golden West London soccer festival organized by Arsenal football club-UK, Norway Cup, East African youth tournament organized by Rollington Tanzania respectively all being in August 2009. 


Currently UYFA is depending on groups/academy membership registration. However due to the success by our membership groups/academies in international tournaments and competitions, we got invitations to participate in different international competitions, such contributions are not sufficient enough for UYFA to under take those activities and organizing local leagues, participating in those named competitions, the amount required cannot be raised from both groups/academies and parents' contributions alone. 

Specifically Uganda Youth Football Association needs the following in order to operate effectively. 

          1. Office -where to operate from , currently UYFA is housed by the Women office at FUFA.

          2. Computers, photocopier for day to day office work.

          3. Equipment like Balls, Uniforms, Banners, stationery.

          4. Youth League Sponsorship. 


UYFA is seeking for partners from individuals, Government, Corporate companies and Non Governmental Organizations so as to make this cause a reality. 

Benefits of sponsorship of the youth league:

    1. Advertising your company's name on the  groups/academy uniforms.

    2. Advertising on tournament balls [customized balls].

    3. Advertising your company services and products on the banners

    4. You can advertise through other donations like T-shirts for players

    5. Mentions on Radio and Television sports programmes during the league course hence getting milage.

    6. Attracting co-sponsors who will get interested in the children's/grass root  football development. 

    Duration of the League:

    The league is to be conducted throughout the year and mainly during the school holidays to allow many children/players participate in the same activities hence benefiting both the sponsor and organizers and the nation in general. 

The sponsorship can be renewed accordingly on annual or  five year basis. 

We pledge that if your company sponsors this league, it will benefit from it and also attract more customers for the company's services and products. 

Commencement of the league: 

UYFA's youth league begin by the School first Term holidays in case the league sponsorship is secured and to run up to the end of third term school holidays every year. 

We call up on all the Companies, individuals, well wishers in developing grass root football to come out strongly in supporting and sponsoring the youth league as per age category ,that is U13, U15 and U17 years old. 

Through this arrangement, more untapped and forgotten players will be exposed to the second, first and super Division leagues respectively. 


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