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What can be done to Improve Uganda's Football?

Date: 05/01/2015

By: saddam kasim

Subject: camp soccer report

I appreciate all you have done to promote football in Uganda,thanks for that and i would request you to send us all the results from the camps to easy work during report writtings for our organisations,

am from mlisada bright sports academy and our coach is LUTALO .
Send on



Date: 20/01/2010

By: Fred Kayiwa

Subject: Youth Football

Hi Ahmed,
we appreciate you for supporting the Uganda Youth Football
The secretary is now a board member on the FUFA youth commitee



Date: 20/04/2009

By: Ahmed Muhammad-Iran

Subject: Youth football

I really extend my appreciation to the Secretary Genaral of UYFA for the wonderful effort is puting in to develop grass root football because we have heard so many people referring to him here due to exchanges he has made to establish international contacts.
We wish he suceeds in his endeavours.
When the secretary of an organisation is not so hard working. you expect nothing to go ahead as presdents, Directors and Chairmen always do nothing.
When we were in a meeting somebody from Malter talked about him and how he met him in Uganda and Rwanda engaginging the street kids.
Actually when you check on International Youth Foundation website, you actually love his programs erabolated and how he save the Rwandese children during his stay there under United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda-UNAMIR.
You chose the best person in this program.
My question is, how far are the Academies helping him or the national association?
Thanx for the information but improve on that black element that does not allow us to read your budget.
The webmaster should improve.
God bless you all.