In an interest to promoting grass root youth football in Rwanda, the army Team APR Football Club developed an initiative of having a youth football Academy from age 5years to 17 years old.

This year they organized a regional youth football tournament called Rwanda Youth Football Promotion organized by their youth Academy APR Football Academy. 

From Uganda they invited Hormsdallen Primary Primary school Academy from Kamwokya . The Ugandan contingent comprised of 83 players of U8, U12, U14 groups and ten officials and a representative from Uganda Youth Football Association-UYFA and Federation of Uganda Football Associations-FUFA Mr. Ssemugenyi Abdu Sulaiman. 

Other Academies invited included Nyiragongo Football Academy from Goma Democratic Republic of Congo, Lion Academy from Western province and Impala Academy from Northern province but an Academy from Burundi never turned up. 

The intention of this football promotion is the APR Football Club to build a strong team by selecting youth players throughout Rwanda. 

On arrival in Kigali at 7pm, all delegations from both Uganda and Congo were received by Captain Murara Kamarade with other military officials and escorted us to the camp site at Eglise Presbyterien au Rwanda at Gikondo. 

On 28th August,2009, it was a day for officials and players to tour different sites as per tournament organizers. Among the sites toured included Rwanda Genocide Memorial Site at Gisozi to see the mass graves of the genocide victims of more than One Hundred Twenty Thousand Genocide Victim Human remains. 

The site comprised two sites that is external and internal sites.

In the external site is where the mass graves are and interior is for the samples of human remains, pictures, photographs of victims and other explanations how the genocide was carried out from the start to the end. The second stair of the interior shows the Yugoslave genocide of Europe especially in Serbia. 

Children bellow 13 years are not allowed to visit this site to avoid Psychological torture after seeing and hearing the human remains and explanations.

After this tour, officials were hosted to a lunch at Restaurant Bar Chez John Kiyovu. 

At 3pm, officials returned to the camp site Eglise Presbyterien au Rwanda to collect the players and went to Rafiki Village [Orphanage Home],  Nyamata 30 kms East of Kigali in Bugesera province catering for 19 children from 6months to 3 years and it is under the South African Volunteers headed by Reverend DR. Elisee Musemakweri, president EPR and Rosemary Jensen President Rafiki Foundation.

APR on behalf of the players donated some items[Food, soap, balls,] to the orphans. 

At Rafiki Village, the contingent was received by Madam Patty Jers and other members.

From Bugesera Nyamata Rafiki Village, we proceeded to Kigali International Airport Kanombe, Amahoro Stadium Remera, Parliament of Rwanda, and back to the campsite.

Rafiki Foundation has a branch in Uganda , Wakiso district having more than  two hundred children. In all this , the delegation was led by Captain Murara Kamarade. 

Two children from Uganda and Rwanda were chosen to speak on behalf of fellow children namely Robert from Uganda appreciated the gesture extended to them as children to visit fellow orphaned children because it would not be good to play only football without knowing their brothers and sisters who are really in need of help. Robert thanked the tournament organizers and the Rafiki Village proprietors for accepting them to meet and play with their brothers and sisters to share the day’s joy. 

Sengiyunva from a Karere Kagasibwa Rwanda on behalf of fellow Rwandese children said “ I came from to Kigali to play football and iam happy to visit such disadvantaged brothers and sisters.

Captain Murara Kamarade expressed his and government appreciation to Rafiki Home care takers for this wonderful initiative and promised them to be the Home ambassador in their cause and taking the message to the higher authority. 

Madam Petty Jers thanked the leader of delegation for thinking about visiting the home and requested them to visit the home frequently to share with the children.    

29th August, 2009, the official opening of the tournament was opened by General Ceaser at Nyamirambo. 


Being the first time to organize such a regional  we say it was well organized  because all age categories were taken care of and the under age that is U8 played in the early hours to avoid playing during much sunshine. 

U12 and U15 were playing after the other such that the preliminary rounds could be completed at the same day. 

The Academies that had U15 side, included APR, Lion and Impala ,this prompted the organizers to call upon the FERWAFA U15 Academy to boost the tournament by balancing the U15 side. 


All the tournament participants were accommodated at Eglise Presbyterien au Rwanda-EPR at Gikondo Kigali which accommodated more than two hundred players from Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. The only Academy that never camped with others was APR because majority of the players were coming from home and those selected from distant areas were camped at APR Football club. 


All the tournament participants were provided with nice meals right from break fast to supper and it was served at self service to give players their choice of consumption.

During match tournament, break fast and lunch were served at the Stadiums. That is at the first day, matches were played at Nyamirambo Regional Stadium and finals played at Amahoro Stadium Remera. 


This was first class and everybody was friendly and players and officials enjoyed associating freely which turned into brotherhood.

Internal transport was provided throughout from touring  to the final tournament day whereby they hired Volcano Transport Company to provide the service. 


On our way to Rwanda, Hormsdallen had not finalized with the players’ and some officials  travel documents without passports, their temporary travel permits were acquired from the Katuna border which delayed us at the border for more than three hours because the only three Immigration officers at Katuna are handling many clients both entering and exiting. 

Secondary, after reaching the camp site at Eglise Presbyterien au Rwanda, during the night while sleeping , one player Hasakya Faraj fell down from a double Decker bed and a tooth was broken but was quickly attended to by the camp site medical official DR.Abdou Ngabo who had sleepless and restless nights and days throughout the tournament supervising more than thirty rooms to ensure maximum health of occupants. 


We extend our sincere appreciation to Rwanda Police force that were stationed at and patrolled the camp site who were cordial to every body throughout our stay. We cannot forget to thank the private security personnel in charge of the camp site security who were eager to help the Ugandan contingent after knowing their language problem . 

After the tournament, all the respective Academy officials were hosted  to a fare well reception at Nyenyeri  for the last interaction before each heading for home.[Ssemugenyi did not attend it because had to supervise and check the players’ rooms to avoid unnecessary indiscipline when all officials were a way] 

At the closing the Secretary General Uganda Youth Football Association was given an opportunity to address  the football fraternity at Amahoro Stadium.

He thanked the tornament organizers , APR Academy for invite the Ugandan Academy to participate in this first historical  event. He also thanked the organizers on behalf of Federation of Uganda Football Association-FUFA  for the hospitality extended to the Ugandan delegation and others throughout the tournament. 

He pledged to forge a Youth football working relationship with Rwanda youth football promotion for a better regional grass root football development in order to have several international Football professionals. 

He assured Rwanda Youth Football Promotion Committee that once an earlier invitation is issued for next year’s tournament, more Ugandan Academies will come and participate. 

                               TROPHIES AND MEDALS AWARD CEREMONY  

This was presided over by General Ceaser ho was the chief guest, appreciated and commended the initiative made by APR Football Club and its Academy for organizing such regional tournament and appealed to other Rwandan Football Clubs to do the same as APR has done such that Rwanda get more talents from all corners of Rwanda who would feed the national Team. 

He thanked all youth Academies and individual players for accepting APR’s invitation to participate in the concluded tournament and said it was a challenge to Rwanda and pledged that once their respective countries organize the same, Rwanda will come. 

More so extended the Government gratitude to Uganda Youth Football Association and the Federation of Uganda Football Association-FUFA for being fully represented which he said was a morale booster to the players. 

He presented the trophies to all winners and medals to Hormsdallen Primary school Academy players and officials and Ssemugenyi Abdu ‘s medal was presented to him by Captain Murara Kamarade the tournament chief organizer.












                     AT OLD KAMPALA SECONDARY 

                               SCHOOL GROUNDS.

Uganda Youth Football Association-UYFA

FUFA House, Plot 897, Wakaliga Road-Mengo

P.o.Box 3303 Kampala, Fax 256- 414-272702.

Back Ground: 

Uganda Youth Football Association-UYFA is an umbrella grass root football Association  formed by members of youth football Teams/Academies on May 31st 2008. Before its formation, Federation of Uganda Football Associations-FUFA first convened a meeting for all Football Youth Groups on 22nd February,2008 at FUFA House and requested them to register themselves with it and also requested them to select  a seven man committee that FUFA appoints only five people to draft the youth football constitution which will guide them and latter be affiliated to FUFA before the delegates conference of August,23,2008. 

The FUFA five man appointed committee comprised of Ssemugenyi Abdu Sulaiman, Katamba Ojuku, Masiko John Bosco, Tamale Richard, Edgar Watson who started the drafting work in March and on 22nd May,2008 Academies member convened and ratified the document and on 31st May,2008 they met at FUFA House and elected their Association’s leadership. 


1. Talent identification

2. Talent Promotion and Development.

3. Drug Abuse prevention

4. Environment Conservation 

Objectives of the Association. 

1.To have a united national Youth Football Association which can handle all youth football related activities.

2.To draw up rules and regulations plus provisions and enforce them.

To organize, horst competitions for all youth age categories in conjunction with the Federation of Uganda Youth Football Associations for their smooth running and organization.

3.To protect the interest of all Youth football groups.

4.Control and prevent all forms of practices which may lead to havoc and abuse of the Association and the Federation.

5.Carry out public health  awareness  by organizing organizing health workshops especially during the holidays.

6.Work hand in hand with the children’s parents/guardians and schools in facilitating children to learn by getting school bursaries.

7.Create an environment of togetherness, Friendship, Forgiveness, Fair play, solidarity and cooperation in all activities of the Association

8.Organise coaching, refereeing courses for youth football Development. 


It is necessary to promote the grass root Football talents and this can be achieved through various national, District and Regional Age group competitions and forge a head with serious practical football development in conjunction with the sports loving people, corporate world and others in general. 


This is going to be massively using the print and electronic media, banners, posters as well as the UYFA news letter so as to attract a high turn up of both spectators and the stake holders. 

This shall be a strong weapon that UYFA intends to use to the best of its ability so as to promote the sponsors’ service hence milage attained. 


This is such a great boost towards the success of the Youth Football.UYFA seeks any assistance towards making the Youth League a success.

We believe that the National Youth League shall be able to generate sponsors through advertisements to get milage.  

To sponsors:

Will enhance their public image by providing opportunity  for marketing their products and services among the players , general public and beyond. 

Our Strength:

  1. We have the Youth from 5-18 years old according to our youth football constitution.
  2. We have registered more than seventy [70] Teams/Academies it continues to 31.12.2008.
  3. We have the guiding document/constitution.
  4. Have an Executive and the Regional football committees .
  5. Recognised by the Federation of Uganda Football Association-FUFA.
  6. Good will from the children’s parents/guardians.
  7. Cooperation with the community.
  8. Cooperation with the education Institutions where we get bursaries for orphans,disavadvantaged and poor children.


  1. Facilitation[Sports equipment]
  2. Office-we are still accommodated by the office of the Women football at the Federation.
  3. Computer-We do not have a computer for our secretarial work hence using out side secretarial services thus some times losing our valuable  and sensitive documents.
  4. We do not have a website for International Marketing of our youth football services and activities.
  5. Funds to run our activities especially the Youth league at regional levels like Under 12, 14,16, 17,18 years .
  6. Transport for field visits to up country.


      Opportunity :

  1. Good will for the Youth League.
  2. Exposure on the part of the Players [who have traveled to both neighbouring and  foreign countries.
  3. Milage to the Sponsor especially when the Company prints banners, T-shirts, Advertisements.


The Executive Committee Members. 

1. Mr. Katamba Eugine Ojuku-Chairman

2. Mr. Masiko John Bosco- Vice Chairman

3. Mr. Ssemugenyi Abdu Sulaima-Secretary General

4. Mr. Kazibwe Magellan- Treasurer

5. Mr. Mugabi Martin-Marketing Secretary

6. Mr.Kibirango Moses-Publicity Secretary

7. Mr. Kintu Paddy-Technical Secretary 

Committee Members 

9. Haji Ssemanda Ahmed -Central

10. Mr. Sande Male-Central

11. Mr. Rwaboni Elijah-Western

12. Mr. Gama Henry-Western

13. Mr.Lia Michael-Northern

14. Mr. Beneen Ben-Northern

15. Mr. Wanyama Freddie Benson –Eastern

16. Mr. Bawutu Umar-Eastern 


A: Finance and Marketing Committee: 

Mr. Kazibwe Magellan-Chairman

Mr. Kizindo Salim

Mr. Kinyera Cox Charles

Mr. Kibirango Moses

Mr. Mugabi Martin 

    B:   League and Technical Committee: 

Mr. Kintu Paddy Isaac-Chairman.

Mrs Betty Mayanja

Mr. Wanyamah  Freddie Benson

Mr. Male Sande

Mr. Sserumaga Peter 

   C:   Desciplinary Committee: 

Ms Jane Kasumba[UBC TV]-Chairperson

Mr. Kakungulu Godffrey[Eastern Voice Radio]

Mr. Mutebi Stuart [Super Fm]

Mr. Emokola John Baptist[ Record TV] 

   D:  Appeals Committee: 

Mr. Kiboneka Richard-Chairman

Ms. Aisha Nalule

Ms. Catherine Adipo 

Regional Football Committees: 

Central Regional Committee:

Haji Ssemanda Ahmed-Lugazi--Chairman

Mr. Kabugo Mansour-Kampala Central Division

Mr. Ssenfuma Muhamad –Nakawa Division

Mr. Tamale Richard- Entebbe Municipality

Mr. Mubiru Abdallah Nasul-Masaka District 

Eastern Regional Committee: 

Mr. Bawutu Umar – Jinja-Chairman

Mr. Mwangu Hussein- Tororo District

Ms. Kimono Fatuma [Police officer] Sironko District

Mr. Lwanga Paul-Jinja

Mr. Wagambula Moses –Mbale.


Northern Regional Committee: 

Mr. Lia Michael-Lira-Chairman

Mr. Bineen Ben-Gulu

Mr. Dudu Bosco-Arua

Mr. Moses 

Western Regional Committee: 

Mr. Gama Henry –Masindi-Chairman

Mr. Rwaboni Elijah- Masindi

Mr. Pritchard Steven-Kasese

Mr. Byamazima Innocent-Mbarara

Mr. Bunduka Derrick- Fort Portal 

Regional  Football Activities: 

From 12th- 20th July,2008 UYFA started its first U-17 regional Youth Football activities with nine centres including.

1. Arua

2. Gulu








Throughout this programme, each zone to be represented by the wining Team/ Academy to the 17th August,2008 National Championship held at  Old Kampala Secondary School grounds. 

UYFA on 17TH August,2008 regional football activities reached the climax and the following were the dignitaries attended the launch. 

Mr. Mugisha Jastus-Vice president –Youth.

Oweekitibwa Florence Nkalubo-Vice President-Women Football.

Oweekitibwa Habert Semakula-Minister of state for Sport-Buganda Kingdom.

Mr. Edgar Watson-Technical Director-FUFA.

The vice president –Youth thanked the Association for organizing such an activity and he officially launched the Association plus its activities.  

Participating Teams/ Academies per Zone through the Regions :

A: Kampala Zone: 

Central Division.

Kampala Junior Team

Fimbo Soccer Academy

Edgars Youth Programme

Finals: Fimbo and Kampala Junior Team qualified for Kibuli championships. 

B: Lubaga Division :

Bunamwaya Young

Namasuba Juventus